Why Sustainable Wood Furniture is Healthier for the Environment

Teak Bath Shelf

Teak Bath Shelf

wood twist stool

20″ Wood Twist Stool

Buying eco-friendly furniture is not only good for your health but also helps save the planet. You may ask yourself how exactly does buying sustainable furniture help the environment?

First of all, sustainable furniture is made from trees that grow fast, for example bamboo.  Even if bamboo trees get cut down in large quantities within a couple of years they will grow back. Some other woods that are sustainable are mango, acacia, and maple.

The sustainable wood is transported in a way that is not harmful to the planet. Some wood might be carried through the rainforest by elephants that are well treated and cared for. Since the wood is not transported by cars  it eliminates carbon dioxide gases. Other  companies might use wood that is locally grown in order to reduce the transport distance.

The furniture is then finished with natural oils and not toxic paint. This way the air is cleaner from dangerous chemicals. The chemicals used in paint add to air pollution and  can deteriorate the ozone layer.

By buying sustainable furniture you are helping save our environment and you are getting a good product for your home.

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