Why is Sustainable Wood Furniture Healthier for your Home?

What exactly is sustainable furniture? Its furniture made with materials that can be recycled and reused. It is produced in a way that has no harm on the environment and your health. The furniture is covered with non-toxic oils which prevent health problems for children as well as adults. Non sustainable furniture emits chemicals into the air, that cause indoor air pollution.  Toxic oils can also cause allergies, respiratory illnesses and sometimes may even lead to cancer in extremely serious cases.  These toxins are extremely  harmful  to the environment during production and after disposal.

Sustainable furniture helps keep our planet clean from different pollutants through reforestation. It is made with trees that grow faster than most other trees.  Non sustainable furniture is made by cutting down old forests that are extremely difficult to regrow since the trees could grow hundreds of years.  This contributes to global warming.  Sustainable furniture is made and disposed in a way that is beneficial to our earth.

A more practical benefit that everyone can agree on is that natural wood furniture will save you money in the long run. Although it might cost you a little more, it will no doubt last much longer. Sustainable wood furniture is more durable and is well suited for robust families and little children. But it also adds a unique and interesting factor to any room.

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