Natural Wood Furniture for the Home

1. Buddha Wall Panel

This panel is a great item to have in your home. It is a decorative piece that will add texture to your wall. It’s prominent enough to be eye catching but discrete enough to not take any attention from your other decorative pieces.

buddha wall panel

Buddha Wall Panel

2. Wooden Twist Stools

These items are multi functional, they can be used as stools or as end tables. Either way they can instantly spice up your decor.  The organic wood adds a traditional element to your style while the design is highly modern.

wood twist stool

20×12 Wood Twist Stool

3. Cube Wood End Table

If your style is more minimalistic, this piece is for you. It is made from sustainable wood, it is sturdy and unique. No two tables are ever the same, so when buying this you can be sure you are getting a one of a kind furniture piece.

cube end table

Cube End Table

4. Teak Towel Ladder

Everyone needs storage, but it is difficult to incorporate storage space to a modern design. The towel ladder allows you to store your hygiene products as well as towels, etc. You can have it all, furniture that looks like it is right out of a magazine and the always needed storage space.

teak towel ladder

Teak Towel Ladder



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