The Beauty of Imperfection

The obvious benefits of decorating with natural wood furniture are the sheer beauty of the product and the fact that it’s an environmentally sustainable way to enhance your home. But another draw of wood furniture rests in its imperfections.

Twist Wood Stool

Twist Wood Stool

single twist stool

Single Twist Stool from Natural Wood Decor

Handmade wood products vary vastly in tone, and can come with small cracks that are sanded and finished, knots or other slight imperfections. This is because the wood is hand-picked and hand-carved, ensuring that every piece is unique. The imperfections preserve the all-natural feel of the product.

These flaws should not be considered as blemishes, but are rather what makes wood furniture so appealing. You simply can’t replicate such organic beauty with machine-manufactured products. Sustainable wood furniture is polished in its design, but these imperfections give the pieces character and charm.

Make your home beautiful with one-of-a-kind sustainable wood furniture from Natural Wood Decor.

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