Sustainable Wood – What is your Furniture made from?

There are different types of wood used to make sustainable furniture. Trees such as Monkey Pod/Acacia, Teak, and Mango meet the criteria in order to be considered a sustainable material. These trees must have a fast regrowth rate, or be farmed, and replanted. Each type of wood produces high quality, long lasting furniture.

Teak wood is now being cut down in limited quantities in Thailand, since it is one of the most valuable exports. There are also two plantations where this tree is harvested.  And  efforts are being put forth to plant numerous new trees. You can buy furniture such as a spa stool, shelf and many other products are made from this type of wood.

Monkey Pod or Acacia is most commonly recognized by it’s umbrella like shape. it grows in Fiji and Vanuatu, but it is not being utilized there. However in Thailand it is a favorable wood source. This tree is actually perfect for carving becuase of its large size. But it has to be cut down just as the order comes in, because the wood will dry out and could break if not used right away.

acacia wood bench

Acacia/Monkey Pod Wood Bench

Many of us like mangoes but not everyone knows that the mango tree is a sustainable wood and is abundant in South East Asia. This wood is easy to carve and oil. It has became very popular for producing handicrafts.  Products such as wood wall decor, vases and others are made from Mango trees.

Furniture made from these types of wood is not only good quality, long lasting and unique but also safe for the environment. So next time you go out to buy a new piece of furniture make sure to look at what kind of wood it is made from.

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