How to Care for Sustainable Wood Furniture

Interested in purchasing sustainable wood furniture but not sure how to care for it?

In order to enjoy your eco-friendly wood furniture for as long as possible, some care is recommended. While some woods need minimal care, others may need an application of natural oils over time.

Also, keep in mind that some woods can be used outdoors in a covered area or in a bathroom where they are exposed to moisture while others will not last as long in those environments.

One great oil for wood products is tung oil, it is resistant to moisture and will not darken the wood over time. It also leaves a nice shine on the finished product.

Teak is a great wood for the bathroom or outdoors and is traditionally finished with natural teak oil. Teak oil is also water resistant and helps preserve the wood. If left unfinished, teak wood will turn grey, so if you buy a teak product and prefer the grey tones, just let nature take it’s course and the finish will eventually wear off. Or apply it as needed when you notice the wood changing colors.

On the other hand, mango wood furniture is often made from softer wood closer to the core of the tree and is best kept indoors. Because it is a softer wood, it is finished it with a more durable finish such as teak or tung oil.

You can learn more about sustainable woods and products at Natural Wood Decor’s Green Product Info page.

Natural Wood Decor's Teak Bath Products

Natural Wood Decor’s Teak Bath Products

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