Dressing Up Wall Space with Natural Wood Decor

Filling empty walls can be a daunting task, but choosing the right wall decorations can bring character and spice to a room in need of some flavor. Fortunately, our all-natural wooden wall pieces offer a sustainable way to transform modest walls into a magnificent focal point for any room.
mudra hand wall panel
The Mudra Hand Wall Panel This stunning, hand-carved panel is the perfect way to bring serenity into your home. The positioning of the hand is a Buddhist symbol and ritual gesture — called a mudra — that represents discussion and teaching. The lotus flower in the middle of the palm symbolizes purity. The panel is made of durable Monkey Pod wood by local artisans from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is finished with natural, non-toxic oils that make it environmentally friendly and safe for any room. Hang it above a mantel or doorway and its symbolic intricacies are sure to stir up conversations among onlookers.
teak octagon mirror


Teak Wood Mirror Octagon Bring a beautiful, natural feel to your bathroom with this homemade teak mirror. Crafted from farmed teak wood, this product will last for years with the proper maintenance. Check out some of Natural Wood Decor’s other teak wood bath decor that will look great with this piece!

bird wall decor

Bird Wall Panel – Walnut Tone Finish Handmade from Monkey Pod wood that comes from some of the fastest growing and most abundant trees in the world, this square wood panel depicts the soothing image of birds resting in a flowering tree. The natural walnut oil finish makes for a beautiful surface that will look great against warmly colored walls. Give your family room a harmonious vibe with this stunning piece of art.

lotus wall decor

24’’ Lotus Flower Wood Wall Panel Symbolizing purity, this ornate lotus pattern evokes the pure beauty of nature. The unique inlay pattern makes it a piece impossible to overlook. Carved from recycled teak wood and finished in a light teak oil, the panel is built to withstand weather and could be the perfect touch for your patio or deck.

3 tree of life wall panels

3 Tree of Life Wall Panels These wood square carvings are not just elegant works of art — they also tell a story. Finished in a natural wood oil, the handmade panels depict three stages of a tree’s life: first embedded in a forest of other trees, then the exquisitely twisted tree of life with its many leaves, and finally a cross section of the tree’s rings, revealing its age. Every panel comes comes with two small hangers, making it easy to hang the collection in any arrangement you choose.

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