Decorating for Fall with Natural Wood Furniture

Are you starting to notice some yellow in the leaves, a cool edge to the breeze, or heaps of “Back to School” signage at every retail establishment? Yes, it is almost fall! Season of pumpkin spice, hay rides, and all things cozy and warm. Wouldn’t you like to add a bit of that back-to-nature feeling to your home? With eco-friendly wood furniture, you can!

While many of our pieces evoke a sense of tranquility, with their graceful lines and natural wood grain, autumn seems to demand deeper tones that might recall cinnamon, nutmeg, or a piping hot cup of coffee. With that in mind, let us direct you toward a select few that are sure to warm up your living space for the cold months ahead.

18" Twist Wood Stool

18″ Twist Wood Stool from Natural Wood Decor

18″ Wood Twist Stool in Walnut Oil Finish Picture yourself coming home from the farmer’s market with a bag of freshly picked Macintoshes and a cup of cider, then collapsing exhaustedly into your living room couch. Set your cider on one of your new sustainable wood twist stools that double as great end tables and turn on the TV to catch the game!

48" x 48" Lotus Flower Wood Wall Panel

48″ x 48″ Lotus Flower Wood Wall Panel from Natural Wood Decor

Lotus Wall Panel in Dark Wax Finish The delicate carving on this wall panel — courtesy of master craftspeople in Chiang Mai, Thailand — resembles a series of spindly, browning leaves nearly too fragile to stay on the branch. Hang it in the hallway or above the mantle as a striking tribute to autumn.

Teak Block Bench

Teak Block Bench from Natural Wood Decor

Teak Block Wood Bench Encourage a greater sense of community at your family dining table by replacing individual chairs with a bench or two! You’ll be able to make the most of your space by squeezing in a couple extra hungry mouths. Great for kids!

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