About Sustainable Wood Furniture

In order to determine what sustainable wood furniture means, we have to first break down what exactly ‘sustainable wood’ means. The first type of sustainable wood is regulated, meaning the forestry sector of a countries government has approved a specific area of land for the intentional growth and harvest of those trees. The second type of sustainable wood is wood that is reused from a previous piece or structure which can mean anything from an abandoned barn to a piece of an old wooden chest.

Now that we’ve defined ‘sustainable wood’ we can move onto lovely eco-finished, hand-carved and sanded wood furniture. Sustainable wood furniture would include wood twist stools, decorative wall panels, wood bath decor and other wood accents. There are hundreds of different sustainable wood pieces, but for the best quality selection, check out this resource: Verde Lifestyles

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  1. hi, im interested in your furniture line, can you send me some cataloges and price list please?
    thank you


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